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Frequently Asked Questions

How are commissions paid?

Commissions are paid via PayPal. When signing up via the Affiliate / Independent Ambassador Dashboard the email address used must match your PayPal account.

Are referrals paid per person?

Yes! You are compensated for each referral as long as the new ambassador is considered "Active". To be an Active Ambassador you must reach 225.00 in sales within a 2 month period. The payout amount depends on your tier status at the time of the referral sign up.

What items are included in the exclusive presenter kit?

The presenters kit is customizable based on the interest of the Beauty Ambassador. The initial presenters kit is issued complimentary as a welcome gift once the Ambassador reaches 225.00 in sales within a 2 month period. The presenters kit must be renewed every 3 months to guarantee quality. The ambassador is responsible for covering the cost of the kit (300.00 value) at a 30% off discount.

Are there any limits regarding which items can be added to the kit?

No, if the store offers the item it can be added to your kit :)

How will I be supported during my business owner journey?

Great question! We offer Monthly Luxury Masterclasses which will included robust product information, tips & tools regarding how to build your business in a manner which works for you! We also offer 1 on 1 support Monday- Saturday!

During your initial sign up you will be required to have an On-boarding call.

How does quarterly bonuses work?

Quarterly Bonuses are based on your current status as an Ambassador and total sales submitted for the quarter (4 month period). Please refer to the above Commission Structure Chart.

Will I be considered an employee of Creme De' Contour Body & Skincare?

As an Independent Beauty Ambassador you are not an employee of the company and you are solely responsible for Federal, State and/or Local Taxes.

Is there any documentation required to be completed?

Yes! You will receive your on-boarding documentation that must be reviewed and signed before you can become an Independent Beauty Ambassador.